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Office Spaces

Workplace charging facilities

Boost productivity, promote flexibility and improve efficiency in the workplace with Crable wireless charging shelves.

Creating powerful workplaces

Wireless charging for flexible workspaces

Crable wireless charging shelves help to create flexible, integrated and hyper-connected workplaces. Employees, hot-deskers and digital nomads alike can say goodbye to trailing cables, poorly located sockets and the dreaded nomophobia. Crables can be customised with a variety of components, including hi-speed wireless and wired chargers, UK and international power sockets, RJ45s and even LED lighting.

Efficient design

Powering up to 8 appliances at once, our workplace wireless charging shelves help you make better use of office space. With customisable configurations, Crables can replace multiple chargers and be used by various devices, reducing cable replacement as well as electricity costs.

Increased flexibility

As flexible working becomes increasingly popular, Crables help to improve workspace mobility and opportunities for collaboration. With multi-functional, wireless charging shelves in convenient locations, people can move freely without being tied to their desks or their chargers.

Boost productivity

Crables provide an impressive 15w of power, x3 faster than the speed of USBs or other wireless charging solutions. By offering speedy, meaningful charge, employees are less likely to waste time moving around the office to find chargers or spare cables.

Mess-free spaces

Keep your office space tidy and compliant with cable-free desks and decluttered workspaces. With wireless charging shelves, you can say goodbye to cable chaos, poorly-located sockets and trip hazards. Crables integrate your power options in one convenient place.

Hygienic charging

Made up of the strongest plastics and integrated UV stabilisation, Crables can be easily kept clean using even the toughest chemical cleaning products without risk of fading or deterioration - helping to keep flexible, high footfall working spaces as clean and user-friendly as possible.

Bespoke branding

With a choice of up to 300 RAL colours and robust pad-printing, Crables can be customised to promote on-brand messages and marketing collaborations. Hardwearing and resilient, your branding will look its best even in the most hectic, high-usage environments.

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