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Your Bespoke Crable Service

Perfectly Connected

Fully Integrated Crable Services

From the prime positioning to the quickest, safest installation, we’re on hand to ensure your Crable is always perfectly connected.

You’ll have a lot to consider when it comes to incorporating Crables into your environment, but we’re on hand to offer finance options, installations, training and maintenance packages to make sure you get the most from your investment.

Spread the Cost

We understand that you might not want to pay for your Crables all in one go, so we can provide you with leasing and rental deals to help spread the cost. These are usually on a 3-year basis with costs per Crable, per week from as little as £3.00. So, you can get your space connected as soon as possible.

Optimum Installation

We offer a range of installation options from surveying your property, considering wall types, identifying the best spots for your customers to stay connected, testing of your electrical infrastructure and training for your in-house team or contractor.

Ongoing Maintenance

Crables are built to last and made to withstand the most social of environments. So, they come with a one-year warranty to cover against any manufacturing faults as standard. We also provide a maintenance and repair service to keep your Crables looking brand new and your customers fully charged.

Tech Upgrades

As well all know, technological advancements never stand still. Which is why we’re constantly researching and developing new products and Crable features to provide you with upgrade options that complement your environment while keeping your customers fulfilled and connected.

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Crable Services

Crable are able to provide a one-stop-shop to keep your Crable performing perfectly and your customers fully connected. From finance and installation options through to surveying, maintenance and technological upgrades, we promise to optimise the look and lifespan of your Crable. Plus, we're constantly researching and developing new features, so that we're able to keep satisfying your customers' needs for charging their appliances.

Crables can be manufactured in your preferred colour from the  300 RAL standard plastic colours available.

We can then advise you on your electrical and data configuration to make sure you pick the right modules for your chosen environment. How many sockets should I have? Should I choose USB-A or USB-C?

Your key message, logo or motto can be pad printed on any face(s) of your Crable. Make sure you're happy with your choice here as once on, this print isn't coming off!

We are always reseraching and devloping options for our customers over and above the supply of charging choices. Ask us what you would like included in your bespoke Crable and we can tell you straightaway if this is achievable. 



We provide Crables as standard on a supply only basis using the most friendly transportation method for our environment. We're happy to quote all sorts of options for delivery and can handle the logistics of multiple drop off points. 

The venues you choose to install your Crables in are all different. It would be rare to find all room sizes and wall types the same for example. Our fully trained and professional team of surveyors can assess your installation and provide you with your most suitable Crable locations.

We want your Crables to be constantly used by your customers. This will increase dwell time and customer satisfaction. Making sure your Crables are in the right spots within your premises is vital. We will provide a full, detailed layout of the best locations and simultaneously will ensure the electrical side of the installation can be achieved.


Once we have surveyed your property, we can then price your installation. All works are carried out by experienced professionals who are used to working in all sorts of environments but ultimately always respect that their presence must be hardly seen and hardly heard. We can work around operational businesses  no matter their hours of trading.

All Crables will be fully tested and signed off by you before our install engineers leave your premises. 

As standard your Crables come with a one-year warranty against faulty manufacturing. Crables are designed and built to last and to survive the most lively and challenging environments.

Should you have any manufacturing or installtion (if carried out by Crable Ltd) related issue, we will sort the problem within 48 hours or replace the unit free of charge.

At Crable we can provide a selection of financial options to make your investment sound for your business.

Is a Crable classed as an IT product, a Fixture and Fitting, a piece of Furniture or a Marketing expense? You decide based on your depreciation policy but we have built Crables to last so they're certainly not a disposable item!

An outright purchase is clearly the cheapest option available to you but we are also able to arrange finance in the form of a lease or rental agreement. These options can be arranged for between 1 and 5 years to spread the cost that your cashflow can sustain. Payments can be weekly or monthly.

We can even bundle up the cost of your Crables with the intallation costs, maintenance options and any upgrades you wish to plan for further down the line.


Our Crables come with one-year warranties as standard. This means we will fix or replace your faulty Crable within 48 hours of notiification of an issue related to the manufacturing of your Crable. 

If you want to protect yourself further we can provide maintenance and servicing packages that check over your Crables every quarter, every six months or annually. These packages can also be linked to technical upgrades that take advantage of the ever moving and improving technical capabilities of our Crable charging shelves. 

We are constantly investing in research and development. We can ensure you are kept up to date with the availability of new products and can install these into your Crables quickly, safely and conveniently. This means your Crables will remain technologically fresh for many years to come.

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