Crable Wireless Charging Shelf in a college campus


Schools & Universities

Crables are perfect for use in all university and school buildings, providing benefits for students as well as staff. As part of your IT planning and investment, Crables offer integrated support and additional connectivity to your curriculum and research activities as well as to social life on campus.

Crables on Campus

Extra Connectivity For Campus Life

Crables come with two 15w wireless chargers on their surface as standard, as well as the option to configure up to four multi-national sockets underneath. Depending on your requirements, we can also add USB chargers or swap sockets for LEDs. We also offer bespoke branding for your Crable with your institution’s crest, colours or motto to guarantee a consistent experience throughout your buildings. 

Keeping Everyone Connected

Nobody wants to carry chargers around all day when visiting sports centres, libraries, student unions, or other campus areas. Installing Crables removes the need to provide self-service charging lockers or loan out charging cables.

Lecture Theatres & Classrooms

Teaching facilities such as lecture theatres and classrooms can be equipped with charging points that enable speedy charging, allowing staff and students to continue participating in online learning projects together.

Student Bedrooms

Crables are ideal for halls of residences and can be installed discreetly and safely in small bed-sits where space may be limited. Crables add light to dark corners of rooms and desks, perfect for late-night studying with a choice of 1W or 3W LEDs available in cool, warm or blue light.

Tough & Hygienic

Keep laboratories and technical areas clear of personal charging equipment by installing Crables away from work surfaces used with chemical and other sensitive materials. Crables are tough enough to withstand cleaning with commercial disinfectants and other hygiene products.


Crables can save valuable space in shared study areas. Trailing wires can cause serious health and safety concerns, but Crable makes cable chaos a thing of the past. Up to four sockets can be neatly included underneath along with your wireless chargers and USB ports.


Outside of term time, Crables provide robust charging facilities to support corporate events such as exhibitions, celebrations and conferences to the level your delegates expect, enhancing your institution’s profile as a potential host of global eventing.




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