Hygienic wireless charging shelves

The efficient and convenient wireless charging solution for the healthcare sector.

Accessible wireless charging

Clean, contact-free charging solutions for health workers, patients & visitors

Crables are customisable, wireless charging shelves that fit seamlessly into the hectic healthcare environment. Suitable for public areas such as restaurants, cafes, meeting and waiting rooms as well as next to beds, Crable provides fast, meaningful charge to patients as well as staff and visitors - with absolutely no data capture. Painstakingly created by British designers and engineers, this is robust wireless charging that can cope with high usage and multi-functionality when it matters the most.

Maintaining hygiene

Manufactured in Britain from the toughest of plastics, Crables are designed to withstand cleaning with commercial disinfectants and other hygiene products without scratching or deteriorating. Quicker to disinfect than traditional USB chargers, you can easily maintain high standards of cleanliness.

x3 faster

With Crable’s 15w wireless charging, patients, visitors and staff can benefit from super fast and meaningful charge. 3 times faster than a USB or other wireless chargers on the market., Crables make light work of multiple devices and high usage when it really matters.

Ensuring safety

Crable is tested and approved to International standards, so as well as being robust and flame-retardant, your wireless charging shelves avoid cable trip hazards and unnecessary clutter. And because we’re committed to no data capture, patient confidentiality is guaranteed.


Designed by engineering experts, Crables are built to support 20kg of direct weight - that’s the equivalent of a fully packed suitcase! And when it comes to devices, our wireless charging shelves can cope with up to 8 different appliances at once.

Bespoke messaging

Create customisable messaging and pertinent call-to-actions for patients and visitors while providing free power. Crable pad printing is resilient, so your branding will remain intact even when the toughest cleaning chemicals are applied.

Highly efficient

Save valuable staff time without the need to find spare cables or places for patients to charge their devices. With a wide range of socket and module options available, your facility can save thousands without additional cable costs.

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