Crable shelf in hotel room charging laptop as woman sits on bed working


Hotels & Accommodation

The perfect bedside, tableside and deskside companion for hotels, hostels and student halls.

Home Away From Home

Convenience & Connectivity Should Come As Standard

A Crable shelf is the perfect bedside companion. It can provide fast, QI compatible wireless charging for your customer’s phone as well as offering multiple international sockets for laptops and other devices. Plus, it’s also just a really convenient spot to rest your cup of coffee. That means, no more trailing wires and no more nomophobia!

Content & Connected

Your customers want to be able to stay connected and charged throughout their stay without the fear of nomophobia! From receptions and restaurants to conference rooms, communal areas, gyms and salons - Crables help to keep your guests connected and feeling at home wherever they are.

Increase “Me Time”

While your customers are keeping their batteries topped up, they can spend longer enjoying your facilities. They can order another drink from the bar, chat to friends while having a coffee in your cafe, take notes on their laptop during a meeting, take selfies in the salon or Google exercises in the gym.


Crables can be created in the colour of your choice from a range of 300 different RAL colour standards. Add your logo, motto or bespoke welcome message to create impactful advertising throughout your property. Cross-sell your departments and loyalty schemes locally or promote your other brands internationally.


Crables can be configured with international sockets to suit an array of devices and travelers. As well as being compatible with QI wireless charging, Crables can have up to four different sockets underneath the shelf to connect a range of appliances, while keeping your guests cared for.


For a range of appliances, Crables can be configured with multiple sockets that meet your customer requirements and a choice of ambient lighting colour to complement your decor. Crables are the convenient solution to keep your guests feeling at home.


We can survey your property to identify the perfect placement of your Crables. That means, no more scrambling around behind tables for plug sockets, no tugging on wires to make calls or dashing out of bed to turn the phone alarm off on the other side of the room.




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