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Bars, Restaurants & Sports Venues

When your customers are out and about, they don’t carry cables for charging their phones and other appliances. This can lead to the dreaded “Nomophobia” – a fear of being without charge. Build customer loyalty and increase time spent in your venue with Crable.

Staying Sociable

Keeping Your Customers Entertained & Connected

From texting about the winning goal to taking photos of the restaurant food and Googling the answers of the pub quiz (we know it happens), your customers never need to feel more connected than when they’re out and about. Crables give people the ability to stay out later and enjoy your facilities longer.

Social Media Friendly

Your customers will want to take photos, check-in, make calls and make memories while they’re in your venue. Make sure your business gets the promotion it deserves by ensuring your customers remain fully charged and fully connected.

Brandable & Configurable

Crables come in a range of 300 RAL colours and can have your brand logo or message printed on any face. As well as wireless chargers, Crables can be configured with international sockets, USBs and even customisable LEDs.

Increase Dwell Time

Happy, fully charged customers stay longer. They may give in to dessert, have another game of pool, order another pint, or agree to watch the late kick off. Plus, the content they’re able to post on Instagram at your location gives your business extra promotion for free.

Tough, Tidy, Hygienic

Crables have been designed to handle the most challenging of environments. They’re UV stabilised so won't fade in sunlight and because they’re made using PC/ABS, they’re tough, easy to clean and able to hold direct weights of up to 20kg.


Team up with your favourite supplier and get them to sponsor your Crables. Their logo or company tagline can provide a striking advert for their brand and provides them with a wide range of new customers to connect with.


Crables come with QI compatible wireless phone charging and fast charge technology. But, that's not all. With plug sockets and USBs tucked underneath, your customers can conveniently connect any chosen device at any given time.




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