Emergency Services

Secure charging solutions

Cost-effective, integrated charging stations for the emergency services sector. Make significant savings by switching to robust and intuitive wireless charging.

Stay in charge

Wireless, cost-effective charging solutions

Crables are fast, wireless charging stations that are ideal for emergency and blue light services. Built to withstand up to 20kg direct weight, fire-retardant and approved to International Standards, Crable helps to keep your force compliant as well as fully charged. Customise yours with over 300 standard colours options, a variety of components, sockets and LED lighting to complement specific force requirements.

Robust design

Built by engineering experts and British designers, Crables can power up to 8 appliances at once. Fit for high usage and hectic environments, our wireless charging shelves have been created using the toughest plastics that often form car parts and phone bodies.

Multiple location installation

From offices to rec areas, meeting rooms and locker rooms, Crables are cost-effective, integrated charging shelves that can be conveniently located in varying known positions. Save valuable staff time without the need for sourcing cables and multiple chargers.

Zero data capture

We take your privacy and compliance seriously. Unlike other wireless charging solutions, we take a firm stance on zero data capture. So, you can rely on the confidentiality and security that comes with Crable.

Fast, efficient power

x3 faster than most charging kits or other wireless charging solutions, Crable wireless charging shelves provide a whopping 15w of meaningful power. Intuitively designed to ensure no battery detriment, Crable provides appliance-specific charge for a wide range of devices.


With the capacity to wirelessly charge up to 8 appliances at once, Crables can save your force £100,000s simply by replacing cables with wireless charging shelves. Cut down on cable costs and staff charging time.

Engaging messaging

Placed in prominent, communal areas with high footfall, Crables are also a fantastic platform for brand messaging. From important call-to-actions to brand warmth during stressful situations, Crables can be customised with resilient pad printing that won’t fade with usage.

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