Crable installed in airport waiting lounge

Travel Hubs

Convenient charging solutions

Integrated device charging facilities for people on the move. From trains to planes, coaches to tubes, Crables keep everyone connected.

Keeping everyone in charge

Wireless charging shelves for connectivity on the go

For people on the move, it’s vital to stay connected. Crable wireless charging shelves provide fast, convenient and efficient power for multiple devices in hectic, high-footfall environments. Made from the toughest materials and manufactured right here in Britain, Crables can be customised to contain a choice of quality, configurable components to suit a variety of customer needs. Tough, tidy and approved to International standards, Crables are built to support life on the go.

Power with privacy

Unlike the majority of public USB charging hubs, Crable commits to a ‘no data capture’ policy. So, not only is there no risk of data-stealing, but people on the move can get their power as quickly as possible.

Keeping connected

Built by British designers and engineers to cope with up to 20kg direct weight and 8 appliances at one time, Crable is the perfect solution to fast last-minute power before travelling or multiple device charging in case of travel delays.

Convenient charging

Crable wireless charging shelves say goodbye to cable chaos while on the move. No more rifling through bags to find multiple chargers and cables or last-minute nomophobia. Crables provide convenient charging facilities for a multitude of devices.

Bespoke branding

With robust pad-printing, UV stabilisation and a choice of up to 300 RAL colours, Crables can be customised to promote brand messages and company logos throughout a variety of high-footfall travel environments. Resilient and fade-resistant, branding will always look its best.

x3 faster

Crables provide a whopping 15w of power, x3 faster than USBs and other wireless charging solutions on the market. That means customers can gain meaningful charge in a short space of time. So whether you want customers to increase their dwell time or just to be able to add a decent battery boost, you will gain valuable customer satisfaction.

Peace of mind

Nomophobia can occur when battery levels drop anything below 60% of charge - and it’s the last thing people want when they’re travelling. Crables provide smart wireless charging solutions that keep people connected and contented no matter where they are.

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Whether it’s a quote, demo or just to find out more information, we’ll be happy to help.

Whether it’s a quote, demo or just to find out more information, we’ll be happy to help.

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