Crable Wireless Charging Shelf used in a hair salon


Customisable Charging Shelves For Social Environments

Crables help to keep your environment compliant without the chaos of trailing cables and your customers connected with QI compatible, fast-charge stations that never let them down.

Crable shelf in hotel room charging laptop as woman sits on bed working


Hotels & Accommodation

The perfect bedside, tableside and deskside companion for hotels, hostels and student halls.

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Crable Wireless Charging Shelf in a college campus


Schools & Universities

Crables are perfect for use in all university and school buildings, providing benefits for students as well as staff. As part of your IT planning and investment, Crables offer integrated support and additional connectivity to your curriculum and research activities as well as to social life on campus.

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Crable in seating area of bar


Bars, Restaurants & Sports Venues

When your customers are out and about, they don’t carry cables for charging their phones and other appliances. This can lead to the dreaded “Nomophobia” – a fear of being without charge. Build customer loyalty and increase time spent in your venue with Crable.

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