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Safety accredited and solidly built, make your Crable at home in your space with a choice of 300 colours, bespoke branding and sockets suited to your unique customer base.

Best of British Design

Built to survive the hustle and bustle of social environments

Crables aren't just aesthetically pleasing and customisable shelf stations, they've been carefully created to cope with high usage and multiple functionality in social, hyper-connected environments.

Manufactured in North East England, Crables have been created using the toughest of plastics that often forms car parts and mobile phone bodies and by British designers who specialise in motor manufacturing and offshore drilling equipment.

Plus, we chose pad printing (commonly used on golf balls) for bespoke branding as the most robust method that doesn’t chip, scratch or deteriorate with detergent cleaning. 

Drink spillages and food stains can be easily wiped away with commercial disinfectants, so your Crable will always look stunning and be hygenically clean.

So, not only can they hold the weight of a fully-packed suitcase, they can make light work of any knocks in busy bars and bustling communal areas or scrapes from celebrating sports fans. 

Technical Information

The Finer Details of Our Crable Stations

Discover the hidden components beyond the surface of our strong, functional shelf stations. If you’ve got a query about Crable that we haven’t covered, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We work with the international testing house Nemko and have approvals to supply Crable charging shelves for installation throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Japan.  

We are ready to install in other countries so if your socket types match our established territories then just get in touch. Check your country's plug type here.

Our designers and consultants have extensive CVs in electrical appliance design, car manufacturing and offshore drilling equipment design. So, they know a thing or two about safety, strength and design!

We supply Crable charging shelves with two QI compatible wireless chargers built into the top of the shelf. These chargers provide up to 15W of fast charge per Crable side and automatically detect and adjust the charge required to suit the appliance placed on the shelf. Our intelligent fast chargers can detect when a metal object is placed on the shelf and won't activate the wireless charging so there's no risk of heating up foreign objects.  

Crables can handle a range of different plugs, sockets and wires required by different countries and environments. Modules are an internationally accepted range of components for power, audio, visual and data facias.

Not only do we provide a range of charging modules but we can also accommodate lots of other "kit" that your premises may want. For example a Crable can house WiFi extender modules that securely connect to your existing WiFi router and extend coverage by up to 30m! 

Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (PC/ABS) is a blend of PC and ABS that creates a stronger plastic used in car interior and exterior parts, as well as mobile phone bodies.

Our Crables are UL94 V-0 rated, meaning that they’re certified for fire resistance and self-extinguishing within 10 seconds to help keep your premises as safe as possible.  

Because your Crable is customisable in a choice of 300 RAL colours, we want it to always look as good as the day you installed it. So, Crables are created with a UV stabiliser to ensure it never fades in sunlight and always looks its best.

20kg (the weight of a fully packed suitcase) is the direct weight Crables can support (when correctly installed on a suitable wall) but indirectly, Crables can handle a whopping 80kg. 

Have your logo, strapline or call to action firmly printed on any face of a Crable. Pad printing is resilient so your branding will remain strong when even the toughest of cleaning chemicals are applied.

There’s really two types of environment where Crables will be installed: 1) A new build and 2) A retrofit. For a new build we recommend wiring from the mains through a flex outlet spur. If retrofitting, Crables should be connected to the mains through a spur extension or replace your existing single/double sockets with a flush spur.

Speak to us about our installation services.

All electrical components within a Crable can be safely swapped with alternative components at any time. Crables have both 240vAC and 12vDC supply distributed internally so that your choice of components are safe to run and be replaced by a suitably competent individual. Please Note – The mains AC voltage must be suitable for the power sockets you choose.

Original design – don’t accept inferior copies!

UK Patent Number GB2570308

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