Hello Advertisers

Do you have clients who want an original way to promote their name/brand/logo/message?

Why not use Crable Shelf Stations as a unique promotional product?

  • 300 RAL plastic colours to choose from
  • Logo securely printed on any face of the Crable
  • Install Crables where your clients want their brand to be seen
  • Increase brand loyalty by providing a practical product people will use and not just see
  • Companies where the Crables are installed will benefit from increased customer satisfaction and dwell time
  • Minimal electrical consumption – only costing when in use
  • Benefit from longer promotional campaign lengths
  • Numerous component options – as few or as many power modules as required

Marriages Made in Crable

Match a company wishing to promote itself with a perfect location whose customers will benefit from the provision of power and/or light in a shelf where they want it.

An Example of How an Advertising Marriage Could Work

  • A tyre manufacturing company brands Crables in their corporate colour and adds their logo.
  • The Crables are gifted to their garage customers.
  • The garage customers get the benefit of wireless charging (and more) in funkily designed Crables whilst the garage company happily promotes the tyre brand as a preferred supplier.